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Web Services
With our web services – we can validate your payroll system in real-time your employee work and residence location address(s) by validating physical address, zip code to make sure, what payroll taxes are applicable for that location. You may use any gross payroll system whether it’s in-house or web-based. All you need to do is very little integration with our state of the art web services which will ENABLE you to VALIDATE your employee address to validate what payroll taxes are applicable. As an employer, you want to make sure your employee payroll taxes are withheld correctly based on where they live and where they work. Whether you use any gross to net payroll system, your master data of employee(s) is vital to deduct correct payroll taxes every paycheck. Now with our payroll tax locator export service – we can validate your employee payroll tax deductions and send you output file in CSV, Excel or XML data format to be used with your gross to net payroll system. Talk to us how you can use this service at
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